SPF in your beauty routine - 6 tips!

SPF in your beauty routine - 6 tips!

Do you always use SPF in the summer? Even though the sun isn't always shining, it's always important in the summer to protect your skin properly with an SPF.

Here are some tips from our skin expert Maaike to protect and cleanse the skin during the summer months.

1. Cleanse your skin

Cleansing your skin is one of the most important steps in your nightly routine. When you use SPF during the day, it is important to cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser. Due to the heat build-up in the skin during a day in the sun, the skin is much more sensitive and reacts faster to other skin care. Therefore, it is important to use a mild cleanser that properly cleans, but that irritates the skin as little as possible.

2. Different types of SPF

There are two different types of sun protection: skin care with a physical or chemical sunscreen. Both have unique properties and benefits and help protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. Skin products with a chemical filter are absorbed by the skin: they soak into the skin, creating more heat energy in the skin.

Products with a physical filter, on the other hand, remain on the skin, reflecting UV radiation. Closely examine your skin and the filter that you choose. Are you prone to acne/ pimples? Then steer clear of the chemical filters. With sensitive (acne prone) skin, this filter can cause pimples within 48 hours. With physical filters, this is less common because this filter reflects sunlight rather than absorbs it.

3. Height factor

Of course the question is: which SPF do you choose? We often hear that 50 is a must, while 30 is also a good skin protection. Maaike's preference is for a slightly lower SPF, but at least SPF 20. Her rule is to apply a little more often instead of using a high SPF that you only apply once. For example, products that are waterproof or need to be applied once a day are often greasier, which can cause more problems on the skin, such as pimples or clogged pores.

4. Activities

Coordinate your SPF well with the activities you engage in. If your cream contains a standard SPF (bb creams and cc creams often have an SPF between 15-20) then that's fine for daily use. Are you going to the beach, on vacation, or exercise for an hour in the sun? Then use a higher factor.

5. Other skin care

Always apply an active or your day cream under the SPF on your face. An active is a liquid with a high concentration of an active ingredient that is aimed at addressing a skin problem in a targeted and rapid manner. The product can then be properly absorbed and nourish your skin with active, functioning ingredients. SPF then puts a layer of sun protection over your skin so that your skin is optimally protected.

6. Don't forget your hands

Most people focus on the face, neck and cleavage when they apply their product(s). Try to include your hands in this routine, they are often drier and prone to pigmentation due to thinner skin. Maaike's advice: apply SPF (or hand cream with SPF) to your hands a few times every day, and apply ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in combination with hand cream to your hands at night before bed.

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