Hyaluronic acid 5% + dmae 1% - How to use

Hyaluronic acid 5% + dmae 1% - How to use

How do you use this active?

The HYALURONIC ACID 5% + DMAE 1% active mixes perfectly with the prescription™ vegan vehicles cream with Edelweiss. Or is very good to use separately. The dosages depend on a number of factors such as your skin type and condition, your age, lifestyle and of course your wishes: what results you want to achieve.

What does this active do?

  • Extreme thirst quencher for the skin cells
  • Works restorative
  • Renews the skin cells
  • Slows down skin aging

What can you expect from this active?

DMAE is a component of the vitamin B complex and occurs naturally in the body. It has been proven effective in lifting and firming the skin by extending the life of the cells and protecting the elastin.

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